Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

Our commitment is to prioritize our customers. We strive to be transparent about the way we collect, use, disclose and process your personal data. We alsowant you to understandabout how we keep your personal data secured, and how we give youvarious choices regarding the information we collect.

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) is meant to help you understand the information of PT Eka Mas Republik and our each subsidiary company, partner companies, controlled enttities, about how and why we collect and what we do to your personal data. This policy is valid for all of MyRepublic telecommunications, website, product or technology services (which are jointly called “Service”).

Eka Mas Republik respects all matters relating to data protection and your privacy. Hence, we merely use your name and the other data related to you in accordancewith this policy. We only collect data that is important to us and thatdataareneeded only for everything related to you. We will only save your data as long as it’sneeded for legal obligations or as long as it’s related to the existing objectives when it’s collected. Our Privacy Policy obeys the applicable legislation to protect the data confidentiality except when we are obliged by the applicable law to disclose the data tothe third partiesthat havethe authority such as; the government or the other government agencies but only if there is a legal order.

Personal Data Collection

“Personal Data” is data that can be used to recognize or contact someone. When you subscribe to the MyRepublic Telecommunications Services, you will be requestedtoprovide the personal data we need, including but not limited to:

The data that we get directly from you through the filled out form allow us to identifiy you and authorize you as the MyRepublic Telecommunications Services Customer with the purpose of fraud prevention.

Submitting your data is voluntary. However, if you don’t give the data to us, we won’t be able to process the data for verification and we won’t able to provide any services or products to you or to accept payments from you.

Please mind that you must provide data that is accurate and not misleading to us and you must update and notify us if there are changes to the data related to you.

Information from Cookie and the Other Technology

We and our third-party can use cookies, web beacons, tags, scripts, local objects that are shared such as HTML5 and Flash (which are generally called “flash cookies”), advertising identifiers (including mobile recognition like Apple’s IDFA or Google’s Advertising ID) and similar technologies (“Cookies”) in relation with the website usage and MyRepublic Telecommunications Services. Cookies has a unique identification, and exist in other places; on your computer or on your mobile device, onthe email that we send, and on our web pages. These cookies allow us to; send the information about you and aboutthe way you useMyRepublic Telecommunications Services, to collect and save the informaton when you interact with the service we provide to partners such as browser types, to search preferences, your IP address, data relating to the ads that have beendisplayed to you or those you have clicked on, and the date and time of your use. These cookies will be persistent or storedonly on the individual session.

The information from cookies also cover the type of content or adsthat is displayed, viewed, or clicked; frequency and duration of your activity; site or application you use before accessing our service and where you go next; whether you are involved with certain content or advertisements; whether you visit the advertiser’s websites, whether you download the advertiser’s content, whether you buy product or service promoted or takeother actions.

Information from other people. We can collect information about you when we receive it from other user, third parties and afiliation. For example; when you synchronize your account to the third party services or log in by using the third party sites (namely Facebook or Twitter).

From the publicly available sources. We also can collect information from advertisers about your experience or interaction with their offer.  We can collect when the third parties or the other companies that are using Our Services provide the information. This information may contain your activity on the other websites and applications as well as the information provided by these third parties to you or us.

PT Eka Mas Republik allowsthird parties to use cookies on the websites to collect the same type of information in the same purpose as PT Eka Mas Republik. The third-party may able to combine the information they get with the other information that they have about you from the other sources. However, we don’t have the access against or the control over the cookies they use.

Links to the Third-Party Websites

Our website may contain links to the third-party web sites. However, we’re not responsible for the collection, use, maintenance, share, or disclosure of data and information by the third-party. If you give your information directly to those sites, the privacy policy as well as the terms of service on that site will be valid. And we alsodo not responsible for the activity of the information processing  or the privacy policy from those sites.

By communicating with us, using MyRepublic Telecommunications Services, or by cooperating with PT Eka Mas Republik, you admit reading and understanding this policy and agree to the usage, process, and relocation of your personal data by PT Eka Mas Republik as what has been explained in this policy.

Purpose of Data Processing

We can use and process your personal data for MyRepublic Telecommunications Service for device installation and for our payment activities including, but not limited to these below (“Purpose”):

For those who are a customer of the services provided by PT Eka Mas Republik:

For public:

And by this, you accept and agree that PT Eka Mas Republik uses and processes your Personal Data for the Purpose with the manner stated  in this Policy.

Termination and Revocation of Agreement

If you want to terminate the use of your personal for our purpose, you may click the “Unsubscribe” button on your email or related message, so that you no longer receive such message in the future. But please mind even if you have already stated to terminate and stop the process of your Personal Data, we may still send messages regarding service to you, such as monthly bills.

If you want to revoke the agreement concerning Purpose in this Policy, please do notify us by using the contact details mentioned below.

Disclosure to the Third-Party

Sometimes we can provide certain personal information to a strategic partner or the other third-party who cooperate with us in order to provide MyRepublic Telecommunications Services. But we won’t rent, sell, or disseminate your Personal Data to other party or companies that are not affiliated with us.

We can share your personal information to the parent company, affiliates and affiliated subsidiaries, and companies who have collaborated with us through our confidentiality agreement and when we have the permission and approval from you or when the circumstances related to the following:

Your Personal Data also can be shared with regard to companies transaction, such as establishment of joint ventures, sales of subsidiaries or divisions, merger, consolidation, or sale of assets, or liquidation.

Personal Information Security

We assure that the collected information and/or data will be kept safely. We keep your Personal Data and/or information as we need it to accomplish the Purpose and the Additional Purpose that are mentioned in this Policy.

Protecting the Privacy of Children

MyRepublic Telecommunications Services is for the general public. We do not collect, use, or share the information that fairly can be used to identify underage children (under the age of 18 (eighteen) year old) without a written agreement from the parents or the legal guardian in advance. As a parent or legal guardian, please do not permit underage children (under the age of 18 (eighteen) year old children) who are under your supervision to give Personal Data to us. If the Personal Data is given to Us, then you have to agree on the process of the underage children’s Personal Data and personally accept and agree to bound by this Policy and responsible for their actions.

Changes toThis Policy

Applicable Law and Settlement of Disputes

Questions and Suggestions

If there’s any question, suggestion, or complaint associated with MyRepublic Telecommunication Service, you can contact us through our Customer Service on number 1500818. You also can send a written complaint to Us to the email address as folows by attaching the relevant documents.